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  1. Wondering what (if anything) to do about people hotlinking scripts from my website.
  2. Heading over to the Colmore shortly to start #brumtechxmas22; hopefully I'll see a bunch of you at various points during the day in the various places we'll be!
    A map of Brum showing today's locations: The Colmore: 12pm-3pm, Sommar Tap: 3pm-6pm; Cherry Red's: 6pm-9pm; the Craven Arms: 9pm-close.
  3. Does anyone out there have this game, the "Complete Music Quiz Night In", and can tell us what the track listing is for the audio CD in it that we have just discovered that we do not have?
    The box for the game, orange with black writing
  4. So, Brum tech people: #brumtechxmas22 is Thu 29th Dec. 12pm start in @thecolmoretap, and various other places over the course of the day. Have a coffee or a drink for 1 hour or all day: a chat after enforced techlessness over Christmas! See you there!
    A map of Birmingham showing we'll be in the Colmore from 12-3pm, Sommar Tap from 3-6, Cherry Red's from 6-9, and the Craven from 9-12am
  5. A present for @brucelawson from @jesslynnrose @DanielNewns and me for Christmas. No more Bruce thing has ever, ever existed.
    Bruce is wearing a military peaked cap which is festooned with jewels. It's fabulous. It's like Ru Paul's Drag Race as a hat
  6. At @thefusion_hub where the patron of Christmas herself, Saint (Pic)Nick, @hannah_fusion, brings literally ALL THE PIZZA from @rudyspizzabham through the streets as a glorious gift to you all
    Hannah pushing a trolley holding a glorious thirty-five pizzas through the mean streets of Birmingham
  7. Planning the #BrumTechXmas pub crawl between Christmas and New Year in Birmingham. Previous years were fun; show up and leave when you like for a coffee/pint/catchup, and get away and talk about tech after a week of enforcedly not being able to :) When/where would you all prefer?
  8. You've just got time to get in under the wire here. Submit your talks now! @socallinuxexpo/1598439540741799936
  9. Does anybody know what the logo in this stained glass window is? It's upstairs in DigBrew's bottleshop in Birmingham and obviously predates them. The windows are sadly boxed off, but presumably they date from early Piccadilly Arcade history in the 1920s. Maybe @ichoosemag?
    It looks like a capital M with a crown in the top centre, and a big circle replacing the middle with a plant in
  10. If there aren't people in your feed going on about the toy show then you don't know enough Irish people
  11. Definitely worth speaking at and going to. Heartily recommended. @pixelpioneers/1595439277592158233
  12. Big news from @CMAgovUK here. I found the the "Board Advisory Steer" a really useful summary document; it's basically a short understandable list of things that they've told people to pay attention to. @brucel/1595010346032713730
  13. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed The Mysterious Murders of Yin Mara, so if you're reading this and able to vote for a Nebula... now you know what to vote for. @marshallmaresca/1592702615070330881
  14. Just seen this very excellent animated trailer for @MisterABK's UK tour next year (which we're going to!), and on top of everything he did the animation! That's just downright unfair.
  15. well, can't complain at that. We (@OpenWebAdvocacy) met with @CMAgovUK at 9am, and just now at 1pm the Chancellor re-confirmed the government's Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill to provide new powers to the DMU to foster more competitive digital markets. Fast work! @sil/1593230685363470336/video/1


  1. Courage.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  2. As @CriticalRole returns this week (yay!) I've made a searchable transcript archive for all of campaigns 1&2! Wanna see exactly when @LauraBaileyVO mentions cinnamon pastries, or @VoiceOfOBrien says "diplomatic immunity"? Might help @CritRoleStats too...
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  3. Waiting for someone to ask Obama whether he'll cure the lack of IPv4 addresses, at which point he'll say, yes, ICANN
  4. Amused by @brucel and @chrisdavidmills in Opera, you're my beshtesht friend, you are, mate
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  5. And if you gzip and don't minify you pay a tiny extra cost but enable a generation of developers to learn as you did @leemunroe/627054850912747520
  6. We're all a bit disappointed in Mozilla for adding DRM, but I think they might be a bit disappointed in us, too

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