It’s my birthday!

This year, in the midst of a coronavirus lockdown, it’s been something of a quiet one. I got lots of nice best wishes from a bunch of people, which is terribly pleasing, and I had a nice conversation with the family over zoom. Plus, a really good Chinese takeaway delivered as a surprise from my mum and dad, and I suspect that if there were a video of them signing up for a Deliveroo account to do so it would probably be in the running for the Best Comedy BAFTA award.

Also I spent some time afternoon doing the present from my daughter, which is the Enigmagram, an envelope of puzzles which unlock a secret message (which is how I discovered it was from my daughter). I like this sort of thing a lot; I’ve bought a couple of the Mysterious Package Company‘s experiences as presents and they’re great too. Must be a fun job to make these things; it’s like an ARG or something, which I’d also love to run at some point if I had loads of time.

I’ve just looked back at last year’s birthday post, and I should note that Gaby has excelled herself again with birthday card envelope drawing this year, but nothing will ever, ever exceed the amazing genius that is the bookshelf portal that her and Andy got me for Christmas. It is amazing. Go and watch the video immediately.

Time for bed. I have an electric blanket now, which I was mocked for, but hey; I’m allowed. It’s really cosy and warm. Shut up.

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