All My Endeavour

A discovery.

What a return for all my endeavour—
Not to mention the L. S. D!
I am an atheist now and for ever,
Because this God has afflicted me!

It’s from Rudyard Kipling’s Natural Theology, which I’d never read and which I wholly intend to mine for lines for imploring sympathy next time I’m suffering from manflu or have a hangover or something, after having read Neil Gaiman do the same back in 2004. He was actually ill, though.

Did close friends call Rudyard Kipling “Rudy”? It’s actually short for his name, although it doesn’t sound like it. Maybe I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all these years: is he “Rudy-ard” rather than “Rud-yard”?

In fifty minutes it’s my birthday, although the annual birthday post will have to wait until tomorrow.

Yes, I know he was talking about currency. Albert Hoffman didn’t synthesise LSD for another 19 years. But it’s funny.

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