Public wall murals

Across from the window of my flat there is this big wall.

It is not very pretty. It would be nice if it were pretty. Say, by having some kind of excellent massive mural painted on it. I haven’t looked into this whatsoever, and presumably the people who own the building that this wall is part of are entitled to some sort of opinion on this, but… what’s involved in getting a big mural there? Are there, like, rules about this sort of thing? Or can you just paint what you like on outside walls? Also, who out there can pay for this? I’d like it to be me, but unless my six lottery numbers come up that isn’t happening, so… are there grants or something? I feel like there ought to be grants for public art and that sort of thing. And how much money would be needed? I have no idea what sort of community arts projects there are around or how they get paid or whether this sort of thing costs ten quid or ten thousand. Your thoughts invited.

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