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Aaron alerts me to the recent initiative of sharing one’s favourite podcasts with the hashtag #trypod. That sounds like fun, speaking as a podcast listener and performer. So, here’s the stuff I listen to, at the moment (it is April 2017).

The Dresden Files podcast

If you’re sitting about waiting for the next Harry Dresden book, you’ll like this. An excellent example of fandom; to someone outside the club they just ceaselessly hash over the books, but I think that’s good fun both to do and to listen to. And I’ve learned about quite a bit that I missed, as well.


Rocket’s great. Very tech-focused, and the presenters skew a little more to the journalism side than other tech podcasts which tend to be more developer or sysadmin-based. If you like the stuff that I do, you’ll probably like this. Look here for commentary on what’s going on in the tech world, plus quite a lot of laughing at one another’s jokes.

The Ubuntu podcast

Admittedly made up of friends of mine, but that’s not the point. Amusing commentary on tech and open source stuff, with an Ubuntu slant, but these days they end up talking more about weird little hardware projects and Ubuntu MATE than what Canonical are up to. It’s fun; they try for a “family-friendly” sort of vibe as well. While on-air, at least.

West Wing Weekly

An episode-by-episode relisten-to and discussion-of The West Wing, the TV programme. This is fandom stuff, much like Dresden above, but one of the two presenters is John Malina who played Will Bailey in the show and so they tend to have lots of interviews with members of the cast, the writers, the directors, and so on.

Simply elementary

This covers elementary, the OS. They tend to go fairly in-depth on specific aspects or projects from the elementary team, although not always (they had me on once and were berated about various things, which I’m grateful for the chance to have done). Worth listening to if you’re part of the elementary community.

HTTP 203

The legendary and legendarily infrequent HTTP 203 podcast. Web development, right up at the cutting edge (sometimes considerably past the cutting edge and into the field on the other side of the road) from Jake Archibald and Paul Lewis of the Google Chrome developer relations team. About 20% amazing insight on what the web is and where it’s going, another 20% them describing interesting web things they’ve been up to, and the remainder off-colour stories and arsing about, which is marvellous stuff. If you’re a web dev and you’re not listening to this I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

More or Less: Behind the Stats

From the BBC. A short but frequent programme in which they do a deep-dive into some quoted or reported bit of statistics and explain whether it’s right and what it means. I’ve learned quite a lot from this!

Linux Voice

From the editorial team of the late, great Linux Voice magazine. They’re amusing to listen to, and they’ve often got up to quite a bit. Notable for “Voice of the Masses”, which involves various audience polls, and “Finds”: random things and bits of software they’ve discovered this week and want to mention.

Mark Steadman’s Escape Hatch

Mark Steadman and his guest on Brum Radio do an extended hour-long interview and also play a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure game; something like a very constrained role-playing session. When I was on it I won and didn’t die! Yay! So that’s encouraging.

Late Night Linux

Traditional-style Linux podcast, but a good laugh; Joe, Ikey, Félim, and Jesse kick around some ideas, Ikey goes on about the distro he builds, they look at news and goings-on. For Linux people only, pretty much, but if you are then it’s one of the better ones.

And finally…

There is Bad Voltage.

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