OnePlus are great at customer service

Around a year ago, I bought a OnePlus X phone. I was given a whole bunch of warnings by a whole bunch of people that their customer support was terrible and if the phone broke, I stood no chance of getting it repaired.

Well, it broke. Specifically, it stopped charging. I had to wiggle the connector, charge it by holding the lead at different angles, the works. That was really annoying. So I thought: they should fix this. Here’s what happened.

Tuesday evening, at eleven pm, I used the “Live Chat” thing on OnePlus’s website, and was put in touch with a service engineer named “Irish”. I explained the problem. Irish said: OK, we’ll fix that; if it turns out you broke it you’ll be charged, if not we’ll fix it. A pleasant conversation, in which he talked me through setting up an RMA request on their support site. Shortly thereafter, I received by email a DHL dispatch note, which I printed out and glued on the outside of a jiffy bag with my phone in it. DHL rang me up the next morning to arrange pickup; I arranged that for this Monday. A chap arrived and picked up the phone. Today, four days later, I’ve just got the phone back, delivered back to me by DHL again, and it works.

It is hard to imagine how customer service could be any better than this. My thing broke, they picked it up from my flat, repaired it, and delivered it back to my flat at their expense, with no complaints, in four days. This is excellent. Thank you OnePlus, thank you Regenersis the OnePlus service centre, thank you Irish. Maybe I’m unusual; maybe OnePlus have upped their game in the last year; maybe this is just luck. But this is a sterling example of how interaction with a company should go. OnePlus: exemplars of customer service. I am impressed.

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  • Stuart Langridge responded at hence writing about it :)
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  • content ex machina responded at arrived already? Fantastic.
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  • Stuart Langridge responded at it is! and it works fine
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  • Tarus BALOG responded at I'm glad they worked for you. I still have a Oneplus One they won't even look at unless I disassemble it first. Never again.
  • Stuart Langridge responded at yeah; unsure whether they have improved their service or I'm just lucky or you're just unlucky :)
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  • OnePlus Support responded at Thanks for your wonderful feedback, Stuart! We'll keep on doing our best to provide you great service. #NeverSettle :)
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  • OnePlus Support responded at Hello Stuart. Just read your blog, we're overwhelmed that you took time to write about your customer experience with us. We appreciate it :)
  • Stuart Langridge responded at always happy to give credit where it's due! Now I'm debating which phone to get next... lots of love for the OP3T around :)