Titan, the toughest cable ever

I was rather decently sent a Titan charging cable by the people at Fusechicken, and I reviewed it for the upcoming episode of Bad Voltage. I thought my review could also gain itself a home here:

I’ve got a bunch of USB cables for charging things; my flat is littered with them. Some came with phones, or Kindles, or speakers; most are the now-standard micro-USB although some are that stupid old-style mini-USB trapezium shaped thing which I keep around so half the crap in my laptop graveyard stays working. A couple are lightning cables for iphones. And most are a bit frayed or bent or have dodgy connections because they’ve been run over by a chair or screwed up in my pocket or used to tie a damsel to the railroad tracks or whatever. one company, Fusechicken, believe they’ve solved this problem and kindly sent us what they call Titan: the toughest cable on earth. Apparently, it’s the last cable you’ll ever need. Because it’s wrapped in flexible steel. According to them, you can chainsaw this cable and it won’t be harmed, so if you need to charge your phone while in Leatherhead’s cellar, this is clearly the place to go. I’ll say this: when they call it tough, they are not kidding. I have dropped it off a balcony and had it run over by a car and played a game of tug-of-war with it and it still doesn’t have any problem charging. The box for “undamageable cable” is firmly ticked. It doesn’t coil up very small because it is basically the same vibe as that huge flying snake thing from the end of the Avengers; you don’t wanna keep this in your coat pocket, unless you also need a convenient way of hanging a car off the edge of a bridge while you’re out in town. It comes in microusb and lightning flavours so it’ll charge any phone or device you’ve got lying around. The micro USB one is $25 and the lightning one is $35, which on the one hand is thirty times the price of a bog standard cable but on the other hand, forgoing three pints or a happy ending to your next massage to ensure you’ll never have a frayed cable again sounds like a good idea to me. The Bad Voltage verdict: if your cables get frayed, get a Titan and they won’t. Plus, it’s nice and shiny.

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