Your periodic reminder that

Here are things, according to Twitter people, of which you need to be periodically reminded.

  • unless you have gender specific bathrooms in your home, you use gender neutral bathrooms on the reg
  • one can both disagree with an act but also understand the impulse behind it
  • George Osborne promised new powers to English cities don’t even roll back the 1983 Local Govt dissolution
  • I still think Manitoba might be fictitious
  • this is Photoshop’s default pattern
  • the best facial exfoliant is still that baking powder sitting on your pantry shelf
  • you’re not being censored when people tell you a conversation is over
  • data binding is much faster than virtual DOM diffing
  • Douglas Alexander got to be an elder statesman in his 40s by being elected in his 20s
  • Sequel is awesome
  • classical logic is constructivist logic plus lies
  • Roseanne Barr is a transphobic garbage person; sorry about your childhood memories
  • finding two things are correlated tells you ABSOLUTELY ZERO about what CAUSES EITHER
  • sage grouse exist and look like this
  • Zimbardo is a hack
  • Bring! rocks

I don’t think any of those needed any reminder at all, let alone a periodic one.

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