Bad Voltage live show at SCALE 2015

We’ve been talking about doing this for some time, and now it’s nearly here. Yes. Bad Voltage, the finest podcast in this or any other galaxy, the source of all the tech knowledge you’ll ever need, and a certain amount of unjustified abuse of your humble correspondent (and completely justified abuse of my co-presenters), is now hitting the real world. Live Voltage 2015, a Bad Voltage show performed and recorded live on stage, is happening on Friday 20th February at SCALE 13x in Los Angeles.

If you like the show you’ll like Live Voltage. If you like Live Voltage you’ll like SCALE. So, come to Los Angeles in a few weeks, take in the rest of SCALE, and see Bad Voltage live for the very first time!

If you’re in the UK and you can’t make it to Los Angeles, then Joe Borg is organising an event at The Wellington in Birmingham to watch the show on the live stream, on Saturday 21st February from 11am. The Welly is one of the best pubs in Birmingham and has a fantastic selection of real ales; people are travelling from around the country for the get-together. If you’d like to go, check out the thread on the Bad Voltage forum for details, and come along to meet Bad Voltageites, have a drink, and watch the show!

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