#twoweeksofcode: You Know The Intro

This is part of the Two Weeks of Code.

You Know The Intro. Another one which may actually get a proper release as a proper game at some point.

You can play this one right now at http://www.kryogenix.org/youknowtheintro.


A fun music guessing game.

Designed for big screens or tablets (it’s browser-based, but works perfectly well in the Sony PS3’s browser, for example). Partially an experiment to see whether it was possible to make a design where everything was sized with percentages and moved around with CSS transitions so it automatically scaled perfectly with screen size. Which it is.

Uses music previews from 7digital, and a big list of tunes. I’ve played this with my family and it worked out pretty well! It’s not designed to give you the answers and score for you: it’s designed so that a big group of you sit around and someone “runs” the game, awards points to those who got it right, presses the buttons, etc. It’s a family game that happens to be on a computer, not a computer game.

What’s stopping it being released as a real thing is (a) that I’d need to make a much bigger list of tunes (I don’t want it to choose them randomly, because then it’ll pick obscure stuff that no-one’s heard of. What you want is songs where everyone goes “ooh, yeah, what was that called? grrrr!” but can’t quite remember; that’s what makes it fun), and (b) I need to check whether using the 7digital previews is actually allowed like this. (The game deliberately displays a list of songs you heard along with links to buy them from 7digital when it ends, exactly and precisely for this reason.)

I’d also like to have multiple song lists, so there’s “You Know The Intro: The 1960s” and “You Know The Intro: Indie Rock”, etc, etc.

On GitHub at: https://github.com/stuartlangridge/youknowtheintro.

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