#twoweeksofcode: Battle Runner

This is part of the Two Weeks of Code.

A partially finished “infinite runner” game (a genre basically created by Adam Atomic’s excellent Canabalt), designed to help me get a handle on how to render at 60fps in canvas, do parallax-y things, animate sprites, that sort of thing. Playable (for what it’s worth: see the point about being partially finished, so there’s no sound, only placeholder sprites, etc) at http://kryogenix.org/code/browser/battlerunner/.


The meter at the top changes depending on whether you prefer to jump or prefer to hit the bad guys. Jumping makes you better at jumping but worse at fighting, and vice-versa. Eventually this will make a difference.

Vaguely inspired by an adult swim game about unicorns with a Blind Guardian soundtrack. Should have three different bits of background music, all with the same underlying beat, so they can be faded up and down on one another seamlessly; if you’re in the middle of the meter, you get some fairly boring music; if you’re on the jumping side (you jump a lot, and have therefore got powerful at it) the music will be airy, floaty, but still metal — Stratovarius sort of thing. If you’re on the fighty side, the music should be heavy power metal stuff — Teutonic knights thundering out of the fog brandishing steel, feeling the blood on my gauntlet, Manowar, etc.

On GitHub at: https://github.com/stuartlangridge/battlerunner.

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