#twoweeksofcode: Cardfight

This is part of the Two Weeks of Code.

Cardfight. Now this one I’m actually quite proud of.


You can play at http://kryogenix.org/code/browser/cardfight/. It never got published because it’s not quite done; it’s a little hard to understand what you need to do, and I haven’t done the hard maths yards to understand whether there’s a winning strategy for player 1 or something. But this is one of the first things I ever built that actually felt like a complete app: proper use of audio, a full on game rather than just a thing which tested the basic concept. I still might turn this into a real thing that gets released, at some point, once it’s got a few more graphical touches around things like the victory and defeat placeholder screens.

Also, it can’t decide what its name is: cardfight is the codename for it (‘cos you fight by using cards), but the game itself thinks it is called “semichins”, which if I remember rightly was a clever punny anagram but I can’t remember what it was a clever punny anagram for, and besides I don’t like either of those names. Better suggestions are invited.

On GitHub at: https://github.com/stuartlangridge/cardfight.

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