Two weeks of code

Over the last few years I’ve written loads of little apps, bits of code, things that never got released because I never got the time to finish them or because I wasn’t totally happy with them or just because I forgot. A while back as part of the Pastry Box Project, I said

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got folders full of little experiments that you never got around to finishing or that didn’t pan out. Put ’em up somewhere. These things are useful.

and I should really follow my own advice. So, I’ve decided to publish some of these things, as part of a thing I’m calling “#twoweeksofcode”. One new thing per day. Some are unfinished; some are quite raw; some demonstrate interesting principles but never made it into the light of day. All might be useful to others. So for the next two weeks I’ll talk briefly, once per day, about an app or bit of code that I’ve built and published the source for so that people can build on it or be inspired by it or just have some fun with it.









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