One day my six numbers will come up. When that happens, I’m going to open a bar in the centre of Birmingham. It’ll be called Turings. And it will not be like other places.

Firstly: no cash. On entry you swipe a card and get a sort of heavy metal token thing, which you give back on the way out. Secondly: no bar. It’s all table service.

Every table will be a big electronic screen. Sort of like a Microsoft Surface, a big iPad, that sort of thing. On the table your group of friends can do a whole bunch of things. The most obvious one is order drinks: you can flick through the list of drinks available, choose one, and “throw” it across the table to the person who’s paying for this round. They charge it to their token, which the table recognises is resting on the table (this is what the token is for), and a waiter brings your drinks on a tray.

Your table can choose their own music. Above each table is a directional speaker, so music chosen by your table is only audible to your table.

The table’s got a web browser in it, so anyone can pull up Wikipedia to settle arguments, send messages to Facebook or Twitter, play games across the table.

Every table has a bunch of USB sockets and leads for common phones.

I’d love to run this place, even despite the opinions of jwz and Yahtzee that running a bar is not as much fun as you think: really, I’d want to drink in it, and the manager runs it. All I need is six numbers. 1, 6, 7, 19, 24, 30. It’s not much to ask.

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