My dad’s in the paper

Bit of backstory, here. A while back, Tesco1 opened a new store in Potton, the town where I grew up and my parents still live2. As part of the agreement, they apparently said that people could park in the supermarket’s car park even if they weren’t actually shopping at Tesco, which is a bit of a boon for the already-overcrowded Market Square in the town3. Now, whether this little agreement actually got written down anywhere seems rather unclear4. Nonetheless, it seemed to be being adhered to until a few weeks ago, when mysterious signs appeared saying that you might get fined when parking there if you didn’t park in the correct bays, or if you weren’t shopping. Oops.

So my old man, town councillor and champion of the downtrodden that he is5, went on the warpath. And today that’s apparently been reversed: you are now again free to park in Tesco’s car park even if you aren’t shopping there. Hooray. You should all get in your cars and drive there now, park in their car park, and then walk across the road to the Co-op and buy stuff from there instead. Buy a pint from Mick in the George and Dragon while you’re there and tell him I said hello.

Also, the local paper reported on it6, and dad even got his picture on the front page. That’s four seconds of his fifteen gone. Fight the power! Nice one, dad.

Peter Langridge in Biggleswade Advertiser paper, 2013-09-04 in an
article about the Tesco car park

  1. Tesco’s? Tescos? It is entirely unclear. I have resolved to be completely inconsistent in my spelling of it throughout this post as a form of protest
  2. I don’t live there any more because, well, because stuff like the Tesco’s car park gets on the front page of the newspaper
  3. overcrowded in the sense that it was designed for the days when the shoppers were one man buying a bottle of pop and a sausage roll, and now everyone in town has three 4x4s and tries to park them all outside the library
  4. it is stuff like this that makes you understand a bit more how Watergate happened
  5. our daughters’ daughters will adore us!
  6. spelled our name wrong once and right the rest of the time, which is just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of the APPALLING BIAS shown by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA
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