The ongoing story

I had this idea for a little fun literary project.

Tweet the first line of a story. Anyone can reply with what they want the second line to be. You choose the best one of those lines — the one which best fits your desire for how the story should go; this is what stops it descending into a big game of Consequences — and retweet it. It’s a collaborative literary thing. Then people reply with their choice of a third line; repeat until the story reaches a satisfactory conclusion.

Anyone can read the whole story by just reading the tweet stream of the story account. The first couple of tweets should explain the game.

I think this’d actually work, apart from a technical flaw: when the story account retweets a second line from someone, an @-reply to that goes to the someone, not the story account. (Well, it’ll probably go to both, but that’s still annoying and shortens the tweet too much. )

Nevertheless, if someone does this, I’d enjoy contributing a line now and then.

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