Purple map, 2012 edition

After the last election, I created a thing called the purple map, which was designed to show that although a given state in the US elections might be “called” for Democrat or Republican, in practice each state actually ends up pretty close to 50/50 in votes. The purple map, instead of colouring a map blue or red, colours it purple, showing the proportion of Republican vs Democrat votes. And, as you’ll see, no state is blue, and no state is red: every state’s purple.

Anyway, here’s the map, which ~~is being updated in real time for the US 2012 elections as I write this~~ was updated in realtime throughout the night but is now static:

a purple map

You can grab a higher-resolution SVG version of the map if you choose, too. Thank you to Wikipaedia, as before, and to NPR for their live data feed.

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