Eppur si muove

If you can see this, I have moved to new hosting for this website. Full writeup coming later, given all the agonising I did about this: tl;dr version is “wordpress, with tsohost.co.uk, plus a bunch of static stuff”. Also: DNS is hassle, hosting is hassle, converting fifteen old versions of documents to something modern is hassle, and I am glad it is now done.

Now is when you all complain about the theme (as is traditional), but I like it. More importantly: advise me, O Internet, on Wordpress plugins that I should be running.

I'm currently available for hire, to help you plan, architect, and build new systems, and for technical writing and articles. You can take a look at some projects I've worked on and some of my writing. If you'd like to talk about your upcoming project, do get in touch.

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