Accessing Ubuntu One file storage via FTP from any OS

Recently, James Henstridge from my team at Ubuntu One released u1ftp, a simple app to provide FTP access to Ubuntu One. It’s deliberately designed so that it works across platforms; whether you’re on Windows or OS X or Ubuntu or Kubuntu or Fedora or whatever, it should work for you, so you can access your Ubuntu One storage via FTP, and therefore if you want to you can mount your U1 storage as a drive in your file manager.

As James says, just download from, and then run it with python, on any platform*. (You don’t need to unzip it!)

You can then use your file manager, or a dedicated FTP client, to connect to localhost, port 2121, log in with your Ubuntu One username and password, and then you have your Ubuntu One storage right there. This should be useful if you don’t have Ubuntu One set up on a particular machine or if it’s not yet available on that machine, for headless servers, for copying lots of files into and out of Ubuntu One all in one go; let us know what you’re doing with it!

u1ftp on Ubuntu

u1ftp on Fedora

u1ftp on Windows

u1ftp on Mac OS X

u1ftp on a headless Linux server

~~~~ {style=”font-size: 0.7em”} $ sudo apt-get install curlftpfs # or install your own way

it installs…

$ wget —2012-07-17 13:01:10— HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK Length: 289783 (283K) [application/zip] Saving to:' 2012-07-17 13:01:11 (1.08 MB/s)’ saved [289783/289783] $ python Listening on

in a different terminal, mount your U1 storage in a folder…

$ mkdir u1storage $ curlftpfs[email protected]:2121/ u1storage/

or use netrc(5) to keep password secret

you may be asked to create and enter a keyring password in the u1ftp terminal

$ ls u1storage/ deja-dup_faith Music_Audiobooks Pictures - Nexus S Documents Music_Everything Purchased Music Scratch Thunderbird Attachments Sent to Ubuntu One Ubuntu One

do whatever you want with your U1 storage…

$ fusermount -u u1storage/ # unmount the folder ~~~~

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