Minor updates to Ubuntu One for N9

I’ve done some minor updating work on Ubuntu One for Nokia N9. Updates: you can now download a whole folder in one go, if a file has a public URL you can now share that with people via the N9’s Share menu (you can’t actually publish, yet; sorry); fixed a few bugs. If you’ve got an N9 and use Ubuntu One you’ll likely find the upgrade useful. Nearly at the stage where I think it’s worth publishing into the Nokia Store and Apps for Meego.

If you’re already using it, then you might be one of the people who’ve asked: when is it going to allow me to upload things from my phone to Ubuntu One? My question to you is: how should you choose which things to upload? Should Ubuntu One be in the Share menu? Do you want a file browser? (which you will not get, I should say) Just allow uploading of photos? (although eventually there will be automatic photo upload, as Android and iOS have) Your thoughts are invited.

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