Ten love songs specifically by Dolly Parton all of which are better than I Will Always Love You

Bruce Lawson lists in his opinion the ten finest love songs in the English language, with the declaration that anyone who disagrees has no taste in music.

It’s sad to see one of your heroes brought so low.

Not Bruce. Dolly Parton.

Comrade Lawson traduces* the name of one of the finest country singers in history* by claiming that her finest love song was I Will Always Love You, which was at best OK before Whitney Houston buggered it up*.

Herewith, therefore, ten love songs oor Dolly did that are better than I Will Always Love You.

Warning: some very, very big hair indeed lies ahead.

  1. ### The Bargain Store This one has the stuff I really like about Dolly songs: lilting edge to the voice, catchy tune, ridiculous barnet. It’s gotta be said that Ms P looks better these days than she did in 1975.

  2. ### Here You Come Again She has such *fun* singing this! Which is why I picked a live version, obviously.

  3. ### Coat of Many Colors OK, this is a bit of a reach, since it’s technically about love for your mum, but that’s still love. Plus it makes strong men cry. Plus plus it was my mum got me into country music in the first place.

  4. ### Silver Threads and Golden Needles Those of you who are thinking of mithering about how this was a trio rather than Dolly on her own are tedious whiners who will go to Nitpick Hell forever when you die.

  5. ### Jolene If you have never heard this song I am forced to assume you’ve been locked in a cave building an implausible suit of armour for the last forty years. The second on the list which is only doubtfully a love song, but it’s just excellent, so I asked for a umpire’s ruling and he\* allowed it.

  6. ### Touch Your Woman Do you know that this didn’t get much radio play, because it was accused of being “sexually suggestive”? I suppose it was, in 1972. God knows what they’d have thought of the Cheeky Girls.

  7. ### Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You There’s more lilt in her voice here than that advert where the Lilt Man drove around delivering the stuff. Fantastic.

  8. ### Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That Another fun one; she clearly has more fun than a barrel of kittens singing this sort of thing, and that’s jolly good. Love songs don’t have to be wistful or longing; sometimes they’re about going out and having a few drinks and a laugh. Cheers to that.

  9. ### Traveling Man This one’s also a bit of a reach, but not because of the song. She’s done a wonderful version of this, and I can’t bloody find it anywhere; YouTube only has this ghastly one with loads of horrible 70s slap bass. I promise it’s good, really.

  10. ### Love Is Like a Butterfly Not the version from the TV programme *Butterflies*. One of the things that always impresses me about Dolly is that she writes a bunch of her own songs\*. I bet she’d be fascinating to have round for dinner. Ms P, if you’re ever in the Midlands, let me know.

  11. If you haven’t listened to any Dolly recently, give her a try. Recommended.
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