Collaborative photo blogs

At CES 2012, Bill and I were chatting about Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things and decided* that it was the best thing on the whole entire internet. To that end, we came up with the idea of Canonical People Looking At Things. Canonical people look at things a lot.

So, it was my job to come up with a way of creating a collaborative photo blog. After tweeting to ask how, I got a bunch of suggestions, like Wordpress, Posterous, Tumblr, and so on. However, all of these things require me to do all the posts, or to set up each author. may not (thanks to a suggestion by popey), but you can’t theme a blog to look like a photo blog without paying money, as far as I can tell, and it’d still require people to go to the admin console and then me to approve each post, which is way way too much effort for a joke.

Then I remembered Blogger. (Remember blogger?)

Blogger lets you set up a blog and then create a Secret Email Address for it. Anyone with the Secret Email Address can post to the blog by emailing the email address. Yay!

So, I set one up. A bit of tweaking of the templates (to use Canonical aubergine) and the HTML (to remove post titles, post footers, enforce that the captions (all “looking at X”) are in lower case, that sort of thing) and it’s done.

I can’t stop chuckling.

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