Selling houses with online estate agents

Having now been on the housing market for some considerable time and not having my estate agent do anything about selling, I’ve been toying with the idea of using an “online estate agent” like or They charge not a lot, because they don’t *do* a lot; they put your house on RightMove and a few other online places, they field calls from punters looking to book viewings, and they charge a flat rate of about four hundred quid rather than 1.5% of the sale price.

But…I don’t know anything about them. There are two concerns. The first is that estate agents do two things (well, three, if you count “fuck all” as a thing); the first is to advertise my house (which online ones do), and the second is that once an offer has been accepted, they run all the conveyancing stuff. Going the online cut-out-the-middle-man route handles the advertisement, but not the conveyancing, and I don’t know anything about that or how hard it is or how it happens.

The second worry is that maybe it’s just a scam.

So, anyone know anything about them?

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