Packaging Flex games for Ubuntu

After yesterday’s experimentation with Adobe Flex to build open source games on Ubuntu, I thought: obviously the next step is to make it really easy to package those games up. This is what Quickly is for, and Quickly is capable of having “templates”: ways of setting up new types of projects.

So, after a little bit of hacking, and some help from Didier Roche, I can now do this:

aquarius@giles: $ wget
--2011-01-03 17:38:54--
Saving to: `Mode.swf'
2011-01-03 17:38:56 (201 KB/s) - `Mode.swf' saved [350603/350603]

aquarius@giles: $ quickly create flash-game mode-by-adamatomic Mode.swf 
Creating project directory mode-by-adamatomic
Creating bzr repository and commiting
Launching your newly created project!
Congratulations, your new project is set up! cd /home/aquarius/mode-by-adamatomic/ to edit the details.
aquarius@giles: $ cd mode-by-adamatomic/
aquarius@giles: $ quickly package
.......Ubuntu packaging created in debian/
Ubuntu package has been successfully created in ../mode-by-adamatomic_0.1_all.deb

Hooray; package up a Flash game and make it available to Ubuntu users in two commands. Quickly really is great.

Mode by Adamatomic

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