CouchDB in Ubuntu 10.04

Do you use CouchDB on an Ubuntu 10.04 server? If so, we’d like to ask you a question.

Because of scaling and security improvements, the Ubuntu One server-side CouchDB servers are running CouchDB 1.0, which is the version in Ubuntu 10.10, rather than the 0.10 that is in 10.04 LTS. While this upgrade enabled replication to scale to the number of users we have and allowed us to open the service to users in 10.10, the replication protocol changed between the two versions, and thus users on 10.04 are currently unable to synchronize their Couch databases using the Ubuntu One service.

We are asking for an exception to the LTS update rules to update the couchdb package to 1.0. We have done some testing of the upgrade at but there is the concern that people are using CouchDB in 10.04 via something other than desktopcouch, and that the upgrade could potentially break these applications. In order to address these concerns we are asking from input of the wider Ubuntu developer community and of people using CouchDB in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (“Lucid”).

If you’re using Couch on an Ubuntu 10.04 server, can we please ask you to answer the question at before Tuesday 30th November? Thanks!

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