Why node?

It’s a loss to me why everyone loves node.js.

I mean, today janl blogged about some magic thing where you can feed the output of a CouchDB query to a node.js script and output the id of all the documents retrieved.

Why you wouldn’t do this as

curl http://localhost:5984/_users/_all_docs|python -c "import json,sys;print [x['id'] for x in json.load(sys.stdin)['rows']]"

escapes me. I mean, node.js is clever enough for what it does. Next time I need to build a project which only needs what node can do, I seriously plan to use it; it’s a very neat limited thing. Good work, node people.

Until I need to build that limited project, I’ll stick with Python.

Maybe I should move to the Valley and buy some Oakley sunglasses and a Macbook and then I’ll get it.

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