LugRadio Live 2009 video

A long time ago, there was an online radio show called LugRadio. It was fun. People still like it; it was enormously gratifying when a recent article that mentioned something I did got a comment about how cool LugRadio was. The legacy lives on!

Anyway, we ran a conference every year called LugRadio Live, until the last conference, and the last LugRadio show, in 2009.

That was a year ago.

And now, in a display of tardiness which is pretty spectacular even for the supernaturally lazy LugRadio team, we present: the live show on video!

Its delay for this long is entirely the team’s fault; its appearance at all is entirely down to LugRadio Community Hero, video master, and all round good egg* Tony Whitmore, who did a fantastic job recording the show with many cameras and has now done a fantastic job pulling those films together into one concert film of the whole live show. If you want someone to video your conference, or you just feel like you’ve got too many beers and want to give one to someone, Tony’s the man. We love him.

So, this is the concert film of the live show of LugRadio Live 2009. Get it for download in Ogg Theora, WMV, and mp4 formats, and you can watch the video directly at Audio versions in Ogg Vorbis and mp3 formats

That was the five years that was. Enjoy, one last time!

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