Most played songs

I’ve just discovered a rather neat trick in Rhythmbox. I got asked: what sort of music do you like? And I was about to name a few favourite bands when I thought: hm, I wonder what the actual truth is about this?

So I created a new Rhythmbox automatic playlist.

Create automatically updating playlist where:
Play Count at least 0
Limit to: 10 songs
When sorted by: Play Count With more often played songs first

…and that tells me what I actually play most. I am pleased with this. Everyone should do this: it’s enlightening.

Oh, my top 10?

  1. Clubbed To Death, Rob Dougan
  2. You Shook Me All Night Long, AC/DC
  3. Santeria, Sublime
  4. Remember The Name, Fort Minor
  5. Start The Commotion, The Wiseguys
  6. Untitled #1, Spain
  7. Haven’t Met You Yet, Michael Buble
  8. Can’t Stand Losing You, The Police
  9. Aerials, System of a Down
  10. All Rise, Blue

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