Migrating this weblog to CouchDB

I’ve been meaning for ages to actually get around to migrating this weblog to use CouchDB. I looked a while back at jchris’s Sofa weblog engine on CouchDB and didn’t like it, so I built my own. It’s called “thort” (‘cos it’s for publishing your thorts, ahaha, see what I did there?), and it’ll end up on Launchpad once I get around to writing up some decent instructions on how anyone who isn’t me can use it. Things I like about it: it’s got proper URLs, not horrid Couch URLs (love Apache proxying, yes I do), I wrote a Yahoo Pipe to take the outputted JSON and convert it to RSS so I don’t have to worry about XML validity (this might cause my posts to all appear anew in your RSS reader; sorry about that if so), and it’s really, really, really fast compared to Wordpress. Of course, it’s really fast compared to Wordpress because it does one-ninetieth of what Wordpress does. Still, there you go. Let’s see if this dies, eh?

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