The best songs of the rock and roll era

Here’s the plan. You need the following things.

  1. Some friends
  2. An apartment in Brussels*
  3. Beer*
  4. A £10 voucher for each friend and yourself to buy MP3s

Then each of you takes their £10 voucher and buys what they consider to be the best songs of the rock and roll era as mp3s, and also buys what they consider to be the worst song of the rock and roll era. “The rock and roll era” is sort of vaguely defined to be everything since about 1956 or so. Note that the songs you choose do not have to be rock and roll! The game then is, you show up to your Brussels holiday flat (or wherever you decide to play this, e.g., your own living room), each of you with your songs in tow, and then each of you plays through each of your songs and attempts to justify why they’re the best songs of the last fifty(ish) years. Fun things about this game:

  1. You hear a lot of music you haven’t heard for ages
  2. You hear a lot of music you’ve never heard before
  3. You get to be unbelieveably pretentious about why you chose the songs you did
  4. You get to mercilessly beat your friends for making the wrong choices
  5. You can’t buy Beatles music from the Amazon mp3 store which means that no-one picks any Beatles songs
  6. You have no idea how bad music can get until you hear everyone’s “worst song” choice

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The songs I chose are presented below, for you to argue about. Feel free to provide your own lists (maybe this should be one of those meme things). I tried to provide a bit of structure (you’re not obliged to do this). So I tried to pick a song from each decade and a song from each genre, to cover the full majesty of music since 1960 or so. (No links provided, since we don’t have the Ubuntu One Music Store yet, but we will have soon :-))

Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To, My Lovely
Run DMC - Walk This Way
This should have been You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC (on Back in Black, the second best selling album of all time), but you can’t buy AC/DC music as mp3s either, so it was Cheap Wine and Cheaper Women by Airbourne, who are basically a note-perfect AC/DC tribute band and really, really good
Blur - Song 2
Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors
Easy Listening
Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years
Elvis (OK, not strictly a “genre”, but how can you leave him out?)
Elvis Presley - Return To Sender
Buffalo Springfield - For What It’s Worth
Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye
80s (gets two songs, on account of being a formative decade for my musical tastes)
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms and Michael Jackson - Thriller
90s (ditto)
Sublime - Santeria and Portishead - Roads
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
And finally, the worst song ever:
Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough
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