Firefox bookmarks in CouchDB

Me and Zachery Bir, as part of the Desktop CouchDB idea that myself and Rodrigo have been talking about, have been working on a Firefox extension to store your bookmarks in CouchDB. So they’re there in the database, you can see them in the database, you can replicate the database around. All happens automatically. I rather like this kind of thing, and I’m told that people at GCDS have been getting excited about CouchDB too. I can’t blame them; I’m really enjoying working with it, and this sort of thing is why! A quick screencast: edit one of your bookmarks in CouchDB and lo, it changes in the browser. Editing a Firefox bookmark in CouchDB (Ogg Theora video, 517K) (or on YouTube, thanks @janl)

Of course, you don’t have to edit things in the HTML interface to the database itself if you don’t want to; if your bookmark records are being replicated to your other machines on your network, then a change to one is a change to all, and you can change data in Couch from pretty much any language you want — I keep thinking about “dynamic bookmarks” that update over the course of the day or depending on what you’ve got running on your machine. But I’m getting ahead of myself here…yesterday, my contacts in Couch, today, bookmarks in Couch, tomorrow…the world? (update: oops, forgot a link to code! Bindwood on Launchpad. At the moment the code’s distributed over various branches, but we’ll be pulling stuff into trunk over the next couple of days.)

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