Ubuntu One beta

Cool, the first bit of Ubuntu One is released, which is the project I’ve been working on since I started at Canonical. We’re currently in a beta test for the file sharing part of U1; I haven’t been working on that much, but the team who have are some cool guys. You can sign up for an invite at ubuntuone.com. I’m looking forward to more stuff happening. I was interviewed along with Matt Griffin by the Ubuntu UK podcast guys last night about the project and what we’ve done so far (and they’ve got invites to give away, too). I’m also speaking about Ubuntu One at OSCON, and the abstract for my talk seems to be being passed around as information about what might be coming up in the future :-) Cool times ahead, especially since today I came a step closer to achieving enlightenment with lazr.restful, one of the libraries I’m using.

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