Auto-discoverable local websites

Epiphany, the Gnome web browser, has a nice feature where it will automatically discover websites on your local network and add them to your bookmarks list. It occurred to me that this would be useful for a workshop I’m running later this week; have some materials in a website, and then everyone at the workshop will just have it appear in their bookmarks. Well, they will if they’re using Epiphany, or Konqueror, and (since most of them will likely be Mac people) they will in Safari as well (I think). So, I thought: I want a piece of that action. I want to create such a website and have Safari etc pick it up. But how do you do that? Ross Burton to the rescue; Ross explains how to advertise a website over Zeroconf (Bonjour for Mac people, but it’s all the same technology). So, just drop a file in that /etc/avahi/services folder and it all works. And then I thought: how do I test it works? (I don’t use Epiphany, I use Firefox.) BonjourFoxy to the rescue too; it browses the local network for websites that are so advertised and displays them in a sidebar; works for all platforms. So, this oughta work. (People with both Macs and Ubuntu; I’d appreciate it if you could use Ross’s docs to advertise a local webpage with a specific path on the Ubuntu box and then see if Safari on the Mac picks it up.)

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