Publishing screenshots and files quickly

I’ve just looked at Skitch after someone used it to share a screenshot with me, and thoughts floated across my head about how I might use that too. Then I thought, now, hang on a second, I already have a website to publish images on, but I have to save them, then scp them up, and so on, and that’s fiddly and annoying. Then I thought, this could be easier. So, Places > Connect to Server, and fill in SSH details for, with the folder being my “random” folder on the website, and tick “add bookmark” with the bookmark name being “kryogenix random folder”. Now, to take a screenshot and publish it, I just hit Print Screen (which takes a screenshot and offers to save it), say “Save”, and pick “kryogenix random folder” from the drop-down list of where to save it to. Publishing screenshots with three clicks. That’ll do nicely. (Skitch does other stuff, as I understand it, like cropping images and adding annotations. It would be cool if the Gnome screenshot tool allowed these things too, but I can live without them.)

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