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I have a reasonably large collection of music and movies. In my lounge, there’s a big computer with a 1TB drive in it, which is where all the movies and music live. It’s running MythTV, and plugged into the television. Upstairs, there’s a second MythTV box, a front-end only, which I use for watching TV in bed. My laptop runs Banshee, and can see the music and films through gvfs and SSH to the main MythTV box. This all works fine. But it’s annoying. I don’t really like MythTV’s interface much. Creating playlists in Banshee is great and easy, but those playlists don’t appear in MythTV. I have to import new music twice, once into Banshee and once into Myth. I want to be able to do it all from one place, and have it all work. So: what should I do? I’m happy to change almost everything about the setup, with the one hard-and-fast requirement that every component needs to run on Ubuntu, and I’d much rather run stuff that’s packaged for Ubuntu. I’d prefer to use Gnome apps and GStreamer apps where possible, but if I have to step away from that I’ll think about it. I’ve had various thoughts about this; I don’t know whether any of these are realistic, and I’d happily hear your thoughts on any of these or on anything else that I haven’t mentioned:

  1. Make MythTV a UPnP server, keep Myth on the main machine and the upstairs frontend, and use a UPnP client on my laptop. Flaws with this: I don’t know whether UPnP does playlists, I don’t know whether you can edit a playlist over UPnP, Banshee doesn’t have UPnP support afaik, Rhythmbox does but doesn’t play videos.
  2. Investigate the mythtv:// source in GStreamer and build a Banshee plugin for it. Downside: I’m not very good with Mono stuff, so writing a Banshee plugin is hard. Rhythmbox would be easier (I’m fine with Python), but again, Rhythmbox doesn’t do videos
  3. Use Elisa on the server instead of MythTV. Flaws: not sure how this helps the edit-playlists-on-my-laptop problem; see above issues about UPnP; Elisa doesn’t actually work very well, or it didn’t last time I tried it (it was very slow, and the UI is slickish but doesn’t actually seem much easier than Myth); Elisa doesn’t record stuff off DVB (although I could keep mythbackend running, but how would I configure it?)
  4. something else I haven’t thought of

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