Roman dates in Wordpress

In honour of Tom’s migration from Blosxom to Wordpress (thus joining the rest of us here in the twenty-first century), and in recognition of how I owe him a present and all, I’ve decided to alleviate his pain. You see, because Tom’s a nutcase, he had all the dates displayed on his previous Blosxom weblog in the Latin form, using a Perl program to convert dates to Roman that he developed. Clever and elegant. Pointless, natch, but he seemed to enjoy it. However, the move to Wordpress has broken that, because Wordpress isn’t written in Perl, it’s written in PHP. So Perl plugins don’t work for it. So, I have taken it upon myself to convert his Perl Roman date converter to a Wordpress PHP plugin. Download the Wordpress Roman Dates plugin here. Install by dropping into your wp-content/plugins folder and naming it romandates.php. Nota bene primus (since we’re doing Latin stuff): this isn’t very idiomatic PHP; it’s a direct conversion from the (not very idiomatic either) Perl original Nota bene secundus: this would have been impossible for anyone who wasn’t me, because Tom didn’t actually publish the source of his Perl program. But I’m his sysadmin, heh heh heh.

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