Whizzy JavaScript stuff

Yesterday I did a talk at the inaugural Multipack Presents event in Birmingham, about some whizzy JavaScript stuff that people might not know about. It covered things that are nearly available for use everywhere (getElementsByClassName, Array.forEach) right up to things that only have an implementation at the moment in one browser (server-sent events (Opera), local SQL database storage (Webkit)). The idea was to say firstly “look at all this cool stuff that’s coming up” but more importantly to say “look at all this cool stuff you can use right now if you want to!” Talk available for browsing and downloading over at the Whizzy JavaScript Stuff talk page, anyway. Thanks to the Multipack for having me; I hope there are many more of these events! There are event photos on Flickr, and I’m told there may be (incomplete) video of my talk available at some point (when there is I’ll link to it).

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