YUI3 and Launchpad

For the last week I’ve been in Berlin with the Launchpad JavaScript team building a set of cool widgets using YUI3 that will gradually start to appear in Launchpad and make its UI nicer. The LP guys have started to write up the things that they’re doing over on the Launchpad blog. I’ve learned quite a lot about YUI3 in this week; I need to do a writeup (or more probably a set of individual writeups and tips about stuff I’ve learned). Now is not the best time, though, since YUI is being incredibly frustrating with its widgets; they don’t clean up after themselves, so if your widget creates HTML then it’s your responsibility to remove that HTML from the document later. And my widget seems to be creating its HTML twice, which is less than excellent. Frustration abounds. That aside, though, this has been a good week; got a lot done, and I want to see Canonical be part of the web community like we’re already part of the Gnome/Linux community. Building cool stuff and talking about it and releasing it is going to help, there.

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