IE6’s backlash

Lots of conversation about IE6 holding everything back (Christian, Robert, et al), which is something that people have been talking about for ages (me last year, me in 2005, Zeldman in 2001 in a more general sense). A point to remember here: no-one (well, no-one serious) is suggesting that IE6 users get a site which says “you are using IE6: bugger off.” Instead, the suggestion really is that IE6 get the same treatment as Netscape 4: it gets the unenhanced version of your sites. You’re already building sites that work in every browser (if you’re not, go away and start doing that), and you’re already building sites that give Netscape 4 the version without many enhancements. Why not move IE6 into that category? If your argument is that IE6 people will not like your site without enhancements because it doesn’t do as much or doesn’t work as well then…you’re not building sites properly. Stop doing that.

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