7 Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me

I’ve been tagged by Pat with another one of these meme things. Now, I did this about a year ago and I don’t know whether this is the same meme coming back around (in which case it’s mutated from 5 things to 7) or just someone else making up an unoriginal concept. Someone should write a thing which traces these memes back to their source and then blows up the source’s computer. Anyway, I’m not sure there are seven things, especially when you consider I’ve already provided five, but here goes.

  • I’m trying to sell my house and move to London. Anyone who’s thinking of moving to the West Midlands, buy it, you know you want to.
  • Despite being a prescriptive grammar lunatic, I still get confused by the difference between “who’s” and “whose”. I have to manually think “who’s is short for ‘who is’”, and phrases like “Barack, whose inauguration was yesterday” still don’t look right. Grammar blind spot.
  • I tried out one of these computer dating sites. It was less than successful.
  • I “managed” a “band” (both of these terms are somewhat loosely applied) when we were at university. Of course, “manager” also meant putting all the instruments (a drum kit, a Hammond organ (!), guitars, etc) into the back of my Fiesta, but I did at least sort out a couple of gigs. Simon Cowell eat your heart out.
  • I use Flash and Skype and Opera. So much for my open-source zealotry.
  • I got arrested in Texas once and spent the night in the police station. It’s all sorted out, now, though, so I’m allowed to go back.
  • I work for Canonical now. (Probably people know this, but I keep getting “wow, hadn’t heard that!” responses, so maybe the word hasn’t got out.)

Apparently I’m now supposed to tag seven more people, who then tag seven more, and yea even unto the fiftieth generation like necrotising fasciitis. So:

  1. Bruce Lawson, because he’s likely to come up with seven comedy things
  2. mrben, because he tagged me last time with this horrible circulating disclosure meme
  3. Andy, because ‘twill be interesting
  4. Tom, one of whose secrets will be “I still haven’t got my damned Christmas presents from Stuart” — one of mine ought to be guilt or something. I’ll be around soon, promise.
  5. Stuart Colville, because he’s not busy enough at the moment :-)
  6. Kevin Smith (no, not the director), because he never writes anything these days
  7. Josh Blount, so I can learn some useful blackmail facts about someone on my team!

Go to it.

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