A nice remote for my TV

My television is run by the MythTV PVR software, which I use for watching films and recording TV and playing music and the like. Now, Myth is sort of organised around having a horrible massive remote control with a million buttons on it, which I can’t stand. I want something nice and simple (Apple Remote sort of thing), but I wanted it to not use infrared (because IR is a pain in the arse, and you have to be pointing it at the TV, and apparently there are different sorts of IR which are incompatible (you can’t buy an Apple Remote and point it at any IR receiver you like and have it work, much to my disgust)). TomTom make a Bluetooth remote control for their high-end satnav units. (It’s available at Amazon for thirty quid, which is a bit steep; I think I paid a bit less for it.) Anyway, owing to the wonders of Bluetooth and the Linux Bluez software all working nicely, just pairing with the remote means that it works like a keyboard and everything’s perfect. If you see any guides out there on the web telling you to use “hidd” on the command line to set this sort of thing up, they are wrong and out of date. Use the Bluetooth icon on your Gnome panel to pair with the remote, and then use Preferences to connect to it. That’s all.

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