How my desktop looks

This is more for my benefit than anyone else’s. So, it’s now early 2009, and after a bout of tweaking how my desktop looks, I’m pretty happy with it.

My Ubuntu desktop, January 2009

That’s the DarkRoom Gtk theme and my own Prelude-dark Metacity theme (a darkened brown version of the Prelude Metacity theme that Thomas Thurman made for me), with the gorgeous Smokikon icon set, all application, desktop, and document fonts set to Salem 8 point (from the ttf-arabeyes package), with subpixel smoothing turned on, and my simple-but-I-like-it inspired-by-the-Mac-bootsplash desktop background*. So now when I buy a new laptop (it’s gonna be the Dell M1330 with Ubuntu on it unless anyone comes up with a reason why not before the end of the month), I’ll know how to make it look like this.

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