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Thomas Thurman, champion that he is, took my request for a theme for Metacity that clones the XFCE Prelude theme and went ahead and did it. What a hero. Anyway, I’ve tweaked his work a little to make it closer to the XFCE theme (primarily making the border thinner and nudging some of the colours, and hiding the buttons on inactive windows) and you can grab the theme file. Save it as $HOME/.themes/Prelude/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml, then say ubuntu System > Preferences > Appearance > Customise > Window Border and choose Prelude.


Some questions that might spring to mind:

How do you move windows around when there’s no title bar?
Hold down Alt and drag them
How do you know the title of a window when there’s no title bar?
It turns out I very rarely actually need that. If I really desperately need it then I just throw the mouse at the bottom-left corner which shows me all the windows (it’s a clone of Exposê on the Mac) and that shows the titles of every window.
How do you close a window when the close button is so small? Don’t you know anything about Fitts’ law?
Alt+F4 or Ctrl-Q, normally.
Isn’t having to use keyboard shortcuts annoying and slow and wrong and bad and anti-Tognazzini’s advice?
Yep. I wouldn’t give Prelude to a new user, absolutely not. I’m not a typical user.
Why do this at all?
Because I think it looks pretty. If you don’t then don’t use it.
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