Giving searchhi a bit of a makeover

A user of one of the scripts I wrote a while back, searchhi, dropped me a mail to say: it would be handy if I could take some action if no hits are found. After a bit of probing, it turned out that they were using it for an in-page search — what searchhi actually does is look at the referrer to see if you came here from a Google/Yahoo search and highlight the stuff you searched for — so you could fill in a search form and then search the words in the page and highlight them. I’m at a bit of a loss as to how the built-in browser search (which is Ctrl-F for everyone, I think, although Macs might be different, and I use / on Firefox) doesn’t satisfy this need, but needs must and all that. Hacking both of those things in (have a <form class="searchhi"> in the page and its first textbox will automatically be used as the search entry) was relatively quick. The nice thing about this is that I took the opportunity to tidy the script up a bit; it was written some time ago, and created its functions in the global namespace, was careless about var, that sort of thing. I’m now a bit happier with it — it passes JSLint for a start, modulo that I disagree with Douglas about single-line if — by which I mean that I don’t cringe when I look at it. (I haven’t documented the changes on the searchhi page itself, because the in-page search stuff is obviously JavaScript-dependent and that’s not how you should do it, so I don’t want to encourage people to use it.)

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