Helvetireader in Mozilla Prism

Jon Hicks has just released Helvetireader, a lovely minimalist theme for Google Reader. He’s implemented it as a GreaseMonkey script which pulls in the CSS file direct from helvetireader.com, which is a cool touch. He also notes that “the Helvetireader user script is ideal for using with Fluid.app to create a standalone application”. It is, of course, also ideal for using with Mozilla Prism for those of us not on a Mac (or those on a Mac who prefer Prism to Fluid). Grab helvetireader.webapp for all the well-styled-Google-Reader-in-its-own-window you’ll ever need. (Those of you of a technical bent: all I did was add a webapp.css saying @import url(http://www.helvetireader.com/css/helvetireader.css); to greader.webapp, so you could do that yourself and add any extra customisation you want to that file.)

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