When the meme comes around

blah blah blah meme blah blah blah fifth sentence on page 56 of nearest book blah blah blah. “Thorn, that’s beautiful!” Not much of a sentence. On the other hand, the book is The Complete One-Volume Edition of Bone, the graphic novel. Memo to self: do not search the internet for “bone” again in a hurry. Page 56 is about as far as I’ve got with the book so far. It’s pretty heavy going, what with it being 1400 pages and all. I was lent it by Tim when I issued a cry for help for not having books. (All my books got packed up when I assumed I’d be moving house in short order…and then the economy swirled down the toilet and no-one’s buying houses. So I have a big house that I rattle around in on my own, and no books. Tim delivered me a box full just to keep me going after I was reduced to reading the back of tomato ketchup bottles just to stay sane. And then the first thing I read from his delivered collection was the incredibly cheery Maus.) Has anyone else read this Bone thing? If you have, did you enjoy it? If you didn’t, did you keep reading anyway? I feel guilty if I abandon a book. Something about erudition. But if I didn’t read then I’d have to read Twitter all day instead and I’d go out of my mind. (Yeah, yeah, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Whatever.) Did you know that Wikipedia does ISBN searches? Oh, you did. OK.

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