On banks and Andy

After some serious prodding during our week of holiday, my mate Andy has finally been convinced to take his knowledge of, well, everything and write it down on them thar internets. First up: Godzilla and Beaker investigate the credit crunch. Sample quotation:

This has led to an explosion in financial instruments (translation: nearly but not quite scams). Because everyone who invented, bought and sold these things was trying to scam everyone else involved, it sort of worked and huge, huge piles of loot were made for the Nazgul, the maths PHDs and the pissed old boys who still held stock. Some of this cash even made it to coke dealers and strippers, but not, alas, the homeless. This is called trickle down economics, incidentally.

I learned more in fifteen minutes of Andy explanation this week than I did from a hundred hours of learned discourse on the news. Also, if more people read it then maybe we can shame him into carrying on.

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