Enso presentation at PyCon UK 2008

Earlier on today I did a talk about Enso at PyCon UK 2008. You can grab the slides from my Enso talk. I’m not sure how useful they’ll be without audio (and I don’t believe that the talks were being recorded, which is a shame), but you can still see them. We’re starting to get somewhere with Enso now. A couple more problems to solve and then I think it’ll be ready for people to play with, at which point I’m going to do some writeups and a screencast and whatnot. The original Humanized page for the commercial proprietary version of Enso explains how it works; people who have seen noise about Ubiquity, Enso is the same thing (originally from the same team) but it’s better because it’s a desktop app rather than being limited to the web. I love it, lots. I personally am just happy because Mark Shuttleworth came up and shook my hand after the talk. I am such a shameless fanboy. Sorry.

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