Readable non-harvestable email addresses with CSS

Stupid hack I’ve just thought of. My email address is:

Spam harvesters looking at that will see the following code:

Or, with HTML stripped,, which ain’t an email address. It does it by breaking up the address into bits, putting the bits into HTML in the wrong order, and reassembling the bits into a readable order with judicious use of CSS.* It requires a certain amount of fiddling to get the margins right such that (a) the address shows up in the right order and (b) changes in font-size don’t screw it up. I’d write a tiny web-service to do it to a supplied address if I could be bothered; lazyweb, go for it. Of course, if everyone uses this, harvesters will learn how to interpret CSS (and this is relatively trivial to do in this case). Might keep your name off the lists for a little while longer, though.

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