Fronteers 2008

The site for Fronteers 2008 is now up — Fronteers is a group of web hackers in the Netherlands who are putting on a web conference in September. Lots of cool speakers (Bert Bos, Dean Edwards*, Christian Heilmann*, Nate Koechley, Tom Occhino, and me, among others). It’s good to see another addition to the conference calendar, especially one where they’re looking for in-depth treatment of subjects. This is hardly surprising considering that it’s being run by ppk, but they’re explicitly going for an intermediate-or-better audience. There are lots of speaking slots at every conference devoted to introductions: our industry is starting to mature enough that it’s reasonable to skip right over that. It was described to me by ppk as “a conference that treats a few important topics exhaustively instead of one that lightly touches on many subjects”, which I think is a great idea. At the moment I’m trying to decide between talking about closures and talking about event delegation: anyone got a huge preference? See you in Amsterdam.

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